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Nikelene Mclean

Nikelene Mclean

Graduate Research Assistant ,


B.S. Biology - Morgan State University, 2018


Nikelene Mclean  is a  doctoral student at Morgan State University. Shs is  from the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, which she believes has played an indelible role in strengthening her passion for the marine and aquatic environment. Her research project is based on characterizing the population dynamics of the Chrysaora chesapeakei jellyfish species in the Patuxent River waterscape.  "My decision to conduct this research was influenced by my experience as a PEARL summer intern in 2017". This internship afforded me the unique opportunity to gain a wealth of experience in acoustic field sampling, statistical modeling and big data analysis", she states. After graduating, Nikelene decided to continue her research at the PEARL as I was exposed to the power of using scientific data as a language to communicate the severity of environmental issues.  Nicklene says " I was also determined to use my research findings to develop measures that would help reduce the impact of jellyfish blooms on the Chesapeake Bay community."