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Carol Smith

PhD Graduate Researcher,

Office: PEARL

  • Masters of Chemical Life Science University of Maryland, College Park
  • Bachelor of Arts University of California at Berkeley

Carol Adrianne Smith is a native of Long Island, New York. Her Bachelor of Arts in Integrative
Biology was awarded from the University of California Berkeley, and her Master's in Chemical
Life Sciences (2017) was awarded from the University College Park, Maryland. In September
2020, she became an Environmental Ph.D. student with the Morgan State University graduate
Carol became an Environmental Ph.D. student at Morgan State University Pearl laboratory,
specializing in Chrysora Chesapeakei, Moon Jellies, Lion's mane, and the mnemiopsis leidyi.
Carol has international publications regarding her studies of microplastics and contaminants in
the Chysora Chesapeakei.
In 2022, she spoke on WNPR radio about her microplastic research with Jellyfish. See here
Morgan State looks to solve a diversity' pipeline problem' in environmental sciences | WYPR.
She has had several newspaper articles written about her research at Pearl MSU. See here Carol
Smith, microplastics researcher | |
In 2023, her first peer-reviewed manuscript was accepted for publication in 2023. She was
awarded first place in science graduate researcher presentation at Morgan State University. She
was also a selected scientific researcher presenter at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on
Ocean (MARCO) summit in December 2023 on her jellyfish research and contaminants 2023
Mid-Atlantic Marine Debris Summit - Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean (MARCO)

Microplastics|Free Full-text| Microplastic Volatile Organic Compounds Found within Chrysaora chesapeaki in the Patuxent River, Maryland(

Her hobbies include classical music, martial arts, cycling, and aerobic exercise. She is a robust
and relentless advocate for civil rights. Upon graduation, she plans to establish techniques to
reduce marine and environmental pollution significantly.

Publications and public presentations (copyright protected):
Carol A Smith (Selected presenter) for Mid Atlantic Regional Council on the ocean (MARCO)
at the Marine Debris Summit on December 6, 2023, The high content of degraded microplastics
and volatile organic contaminants (VOCs) found in the Chrysaora chesapeakei of the
Chesapeake Bay, MD, and its relationship to the aquatic food web. Authors: Carol Adrianne
Sauls-Smith, Natalie Drichko, Chunlei Fan, Samuel Mandal, Saroj Pramanik*
Carol A Smith, Frank Denaro, Chunlei Fan, and Sarjo Pramanik “The effective use of the inexpensive LED
microscope with Rhodamine Blue staining to identify microplastics.” January 2023 Microscopy
Carol Smith (presenter) April 1, 2022, The occurrence of microplastics in Chrysaora chesapeakei
in the Patuxent River, Maryland, authors: *Carol Adrianne Sauls-Smith, Saroj Pramanik, Natalie
Drichko, Chunlei Fan. Science Symposium Morgan State University, Baltimore MD, 21251