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Office of Student Disability Support Services

Testing Center Procedures

The Office of Student Disability Support Services (SDSS) has a Testing Center for students with approved testing accommodations. It is recommended students with testing accommodations schedule an appointment at the SDSS Testing Center. The SDSS Testing Center will ensure all approved accommodations are met while taking tests and exams.

It is the responsibility of the student to arrive on time for their testing appointment and all students will be proctored.

Testing Center Procedures

  1. At the beginning of the semester provide your Accommodation Memo to your professor.
  2. Review all syllabi at the start of the semester and add tests/exams to your personal calendar. If there are weeks where you have multiple tests, please notify SDSS at the beginning of the semester.
  3. If planning to take a test/exam in the Testing Center, notify your professor you will be doing so at least 2 days prior to test/exam.
  4. Make an appointment with SDSS 2 days prior to your test/exam via email Your test should be taken the same time as your class, if possible. Notify SDSS of any assistive technology you will require.
  5. Arrive to the Testing Center 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Please bring a valid picture ID. Testing Center is located in the Library, Room 133.
  6. All tests/exams will be proctored and belongings must be left outside the testing room, including your phone and electronic devices. There will be a safe place to store your belongings.
  7. Once complete, SDSS will deliver your completed test/exam to your professor.

Student Responsibilities and Reminders

  • Notify your professor at least 2 days before scheduled test/exam when you will be taking it in the Testing Center.
  • Make an appointment to take test/exam at the Testing Center at least 2 days in advance.
  • Follow all guidelines of the Testing Center, including arriving on time.
  • Know what items to bring, if allowed (ex. calculator, pens/pencils, notes, books, etc.)
  • If a student arrives 20 minutes late, your professor may be contacted before administering the test/exam.
  • All tests are proctored throughout the entire test/exam.
  • Tests are securely returned to your professor by SDSS staff.
  • During mid-term and final exams, there is an increase in appointments so please schedule early. 
  • If any student violates the Code of Conduct and does not follow guidelines provided, all violations will be reported to the students' professor.

Faculty Responsibilities and Reminders

  • Professors should have the students' Accommodation Memo from SDSS listing their accommodations before a request for testing accommodations is made.
  • Please complete a Testing Request Form to print and send with the test to the Testing Center.
  • Once a student requests to take their test in the Testing Center, please send the test along with any instructions and the amount of time the class had to take the test to Or tests can be hand-delivered to the Library, Room 133.
  • All completed tests will be returned to the professor via email, unless a drop-off location is or picking up is specified.
  • All tests are proctored.