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Office of Research Administration


The Office of Research Administration (ORA) is pleased to provide a gamut of training modules touching on all aspects of administrative functions here at Morgan State University. Check back regularly for future training opportunities on functions such as purchasing card usage, budget queries, contract entry for employees, and much more!

P-Card Training
In this session we will detail the specifics of State of Maryland guidance/rules and tips related to the use of the Morgan State University Purchasing Card.

P-Card Reconciliation
This brief module provides a step by step tutorial for reconciling your monthly P-Card transactions in Native Banner. Please refer any specific requisitions regarding Banner account code selection to

P-Card Transaction Log Submission
Submitting your State of Maryland Transaction Log for approval and forwarding to the State of Maryland is the final step of your monthly P-Card reconciliation process. In this brief module we detail best practices for completing your log, invoice specification requirements, and guidance on utilizing DocuSign for log submission. 

Time and Effort Reporting
Time and effort reporting is the mechanism by which faculty, staff, and students certify their time and related salary costs spent on research projects. In this training module, the Office of Research Administration (ORA) will demystify the time and effort reporting process at Morgan State University.