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Office of International Student & Faculty Services

Social Security Guidance

Pursuant to Social Security Administration regulations, students in F-1 status must secure a job offer before applying for a social security number/card. The employer is required to pen a letter (printed on university stationary) to the social security administration with the following sample narrative.

"This is evidence of on-campus employment for the following F-1 student at Morgan State University:

Name of Student: __________________________________________________
(Full name, exactly as it appears in passport)

Name of the On-Campus Employer/Department: __________________________
(e.g. library, dining hall, computer lab, etc.)

Nature of Student's Job: ____________________________________________
(e.g. teaching assistant, cashier, tutor, etc.)

Start Date of Student's Job: ___________________________________________
(Anticipated or actual employment start date)

Number of Hours that the student will work each week: _____________________

Employer Identification Number (EIN): 52-6002033

Employer Telephone Number: _________________________________________

Name of Student's Immediate Supervisor: ________________________________

Employer Signature: _________________________________________________

Signatory's Title: ____________________________________________________"


Student should take employer's letter to the PDSO/DSO for further processing that will take the form of a letter written by said PDSO/DSO. The letter should mirror the following.

"March 4, 2008

Social Security Administration

Baltimore, MD


Xxxxxxxx xxxxxx is a matriculating full-time student in F-1 status at Morgan State University. She/He will be working in the capacity of a Tutor in the Office of Community Service. She/He is authorized by the USCIS to accept campus employment, and authorized off-campus employment, subject to the terms of her/his F-1 status. To this end, I humbly request that your office process Ms/Mr. Xxxxxxx's application for a social security card/number. Thanks for your assistance.



Student will take both letters (along with passport, I-94, and I-20) to a branch office of the Social Security Administration to file application.