Web Conferencing

Google Meet, Zoom, and Big Blue Button are Morgan's web conferencing solutions. Zoom and Google Meet may be used as stand-alone solutions or within Canvas. Big Blue Button is for use in Canvas only.  Please scroll down to view instructions for each of our web conferencing solutions.

Big Blue Button:

BigBlueButton enables real-time sharing of your audio, slides, chat, video, and desktop with students. Built-in polling makes it easy to engage students and recording your lectures means that you can make them available for later review.  Students are engaged through the sharing of emoji icons, polling, and breakout rooms.  Big Blue Button is available in all Canvas courses and organizations.  Participants must be enrolled in a Canvas course or organization to use Big Blue Button.  If you need to invite a guest speaker or Non-Morgan guest, please consider using Google Hangouts.

Create a Conference in Canvas  ||  Overview of BBB - How to Moderate and Present || Additional Information about Canvas Conferences

Big Blue Button FAQ ||

Canvas Guide for Big Blue Button

Google Meet:

Google Meet:  With Google Meet, you can hold impromptu basic video meetings, virtual training classes, remote interviews, and much more. You can meet with up to 100 people at a time. There is also no time limit on meetings you host. Meetings cannot be recorded. Meet features chat and screen share functions; however, there are no polling or breakout room features.  COVID-19 Update: Google Meet sessions CAN be recorded; the resulting video will be emailed to your Morgan email address.


Morgan State has subscribed to the Education version of Zoom, and has 1,000 Educational host seats; we have unlimited BASIC account seats for staff and students. Please reserve the full educational host seats for faculty. 

Students may obtain a BASIC Zoom license by logging into https://morganstate.zoom.us.  When students get a Morgan State Zoom account, their names will appear on instructor's Zoom meeting reports, and poll reports.

Features you will have in your Education Zoom meetings include the following: Share Video/Audio, Whiteboard, Share Content,  Polling, and Breakout Rooms. There is no meeting time limit. You may have up to 300 people in your meeting. Please review the resources below before you start!

Get Started with Zoom:

You must sign out of any Non-Morgan Zoom accounts you have.  Go to Zoom.us and SIGN OUT of any Zoom accounts you have.

To enable your Morgan Zoom account, browse to https://morganstate.zoom.us, and click the Sign-In button. Use your Morgan user name and password to sign in.  If you are a faculty/staff you will receive a fully licensed Zoom meeting.  If you are a student you will receive as Basic Zoom license. 

Zoom Security:  

Direct your students to morganstate.zoom.us -- and have them Sign-in. This will create a BASIC Zoom account for students. When students log into your Zoom meeting, their real name will then appear (rather than a nick-name). This is important if you will be getting reports or poll results from your Zoom meetings.
Do not publicize your meeting URL on Social Media. Use the Canvas Announcement Tool or Inbox to alert students to your meeting.
When setting up your meeting, use the following settings

  • Do not publicize your meeting on social media
  • Use Zoom from within your Canvas Course
  • Set a Meeting Password - users will need to enter the password. It will be included in the invitation to the meeting.
  • Enable Waiting Room - YOU will need to admit everyone to your meeting.
  • When you finish your meeting be sure to END the Meeting through your Zoom settings.
  • Screen Sharing: Only YOU should be able to share your screen. You can then allow others to share, by granting them individual permission to do so.
  • Save Meeting Recordings to Panopto and then remove them from the Zoom Cloud.
  • Authenticated Users Only: Use this option if your students have a Morgan State Zoom account -- (see above).
  • You can check your security settings form within your meeting or when you set it up. You can LOCK your meeting when all participants have signed in.

HELP and Training:

Student instructions for using Zoom are found in the Canvas Student Hub

Faculty Instructions for using Zoom in Canvas found in our Canvas Faculty Hub

Zoom Help Center: Whether you are using Zoom in Canvas or outside (stand-alone), instructions on this site cover all of the Zoom features.

Zoom Training - Register for a training session 

View Prerecorded Zoom Training

Zoom Quick Guides:

Accessibility in Zoom:

Manage Zoom Recordings:

All Zoom recordings are saved to our Panopto Server and moved to the TRASH folder in Zoom.  After 30 days, Zoom will remove the recording from the trash. The recordings will remain on Panopto for as long as needed.

For CANVAS users: Associate Zoom Meeting IDs to a specific Canvas course -- Written instructions or video instructions. This is a good option to use at the start of the semester, especially for recurring meetings.

Find & Share Zoom Recordings: Access the Panotpo server directly and manage each recording separately. Use these instructions if you have previously recorded Zoom meetings. Written Instructions.