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Blackboard (Bb) Collaborate Ultra is a real-time web conferencing tool that lets you add files, share applications, and use a virtual whiteboard to interact. Collaborate Ultra opens right in your browser, so you don't have to install any software to join a session. The Bb Collaborate Ultra tool is available in every Bb course and organization. No special set-up is needed. All meeting rooms include a "guest" link that may be sent to participants not enrolled in your Bb course or organization.  Bb updates Collaborate regularly, Find out What's New!

First Things First- Access Collaborate Ultra!

Quick Start Guide:  As a moderator, you will launch your Collaborate meeting from within a Bb course or organization. Users can jump in from your course (if they are enrolled), or from a guest link (for those NOT enrolled in your Bb course/org.) The Quick Start Guide shows you how to find and launch your meeting, as well as adjust basic settings.

Start your Meeting: From within your Bb course or organization, click the Tools/Communication menu area click on the Collaborate Ultra link.
Video Tour of your Meeting Room  ||  Find your way around (print)

Understand your Session Settings (video) Session Settings (Web page)

OPTIONAL: Set up a Collaborate Link on your Bb course or organization menu

OPTIONAL: Anonymous Dial-in: Allow users to dial into your meeting without joining via a browser.  These uses can hear the meeting, but cannot see the content shared etc.

After you Start your Meeting - Tools

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