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Information Science & Systems

Samuel Ejiaku

Dr. Samuel Ejiaku

Associate Professor , Information Science & Systems

Office: GSBM 536
Phone: 443-885-3099


D.Sc. Towson University - Applied Information Technology, 2010
M.Sc. Towson University - Information Technology, 2005
M.S. City University of New York
B.Sc. Brooklyn College, City University of New York


Dr. Samuel Ejiaku is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Science and Systems. Dr. Ejiaku received a Master's Degree (MS) In Applied Information Technology in 2004 and a Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) degree in 2010 from Towson University.

He has gained industry-wide experience working for different companies in Information Technology, including Designing, Network Systems, and creating LAN Infrastructure.

He was a consultant to many companies on the acquisition and utilization of computers.

Prior to this, Samuel Ejiaku was a Senior Petroleum Geologist with Gulf Oil Company.

Research Interest
Dr. Ejiaku's research interests are in the area of Information Technology adoption, its challenges and solutions. It also includes the impact of Information Technology (IT) in emerging economies and society.

Information Technology (IT) and its consequent global networked economy have changed global business and learning. My research included the effect of Computer in learning and SMEs.

Samuel Ejiaku has expertise in Networking, Computer Risk Analysis and acquisition of computer devices for a network environment.

Recent Publications

Ejiaku, S. A. & Badamas, M. A. (2017). Students' Perceptions and Experiences: Online Classes in an Urban University. International Journal of Strategic Management, 17 (3).

Ejiaku, S. (2015). Factors Influencing Students' Attitude to Computer Utilization in Tertiary Institutions: An Exploratory Study. Journal of International Technology and Information Management, 24 (1), 83-93.

Ejiaku, S. (2014). Technology Adoption: Issues and Challenges in Information Technology Adoption in Emerging Economies. Journal of International Technology and Information Management, 23 (2), 59 - 68.

Ejiaku, S. & Badamas, M. (2013). Computer Professional Education: The Relevance of Ethics in Information Technology. International Journal of Strategic Management, 13 (1), 123-128.

Ejiaku, S. & Badamas, M. (2013). Reliability and Effectiveness of Enterprise Network Management: Challenges and Problems. International Journal of Strategic Management, 13, 103-108.

Ejiaku, S. (2012). The Development of Information Technology Workforce in Developing Economies for Global Competitiveness: An Exploratory Study. International Journal of Global Management Studies Professional, 4 (1), 41-50.