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Civil Engineering

Dr. Kang

Dr. Dong Hee Kang

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

Office: Center for the Built Environment and Infrastructure Studies (CBEIS), Room 307
Phone: 443-885-4728

Dr. Dong Hee Kang has expertise in the area of water quality monitoring, constructed wetland system, stormwater management, fate and transport emerging contaminants, environmental restoration, and soil and groundwater remediation. Dr. Kang had been granted an M.S degree in hydrology area at Chung-Ang University (Seoul, South Korea) and a Ph.D. in environmental engineering from Purdue University.

Research experiences at Purdue University, University of Minnesota, and Estuarine Research Center has leaded to soil and groundwater remediation, groundwater modeling, water quality monitoring, constructed wetland system, fate and transport of emerging contaminants, and stormwater  management. The following research areas are currently interests:

  • Identify the potential stormwater impacts of urbanized area based on impervious area, land use, vehicle usage, roadside management, and regimes for TMDLs.
  • Field monitoring of critical water bodies and urban infrastructure contribution to pollutant loading.
  • The performance of granular slag filter as media used in to increase treatment efficacy of nitrogen and phosphate
  • Determine the dominant mechanism of fate and transport of emerging contaminants, either due to microbial activity, plant extracellular enzymes in the rhizosphere, or plant uptake