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Capital Markets Lab

Capital Markets Lab

A State-of-the-art financial electronic lab that delivers real-time market data feeds, news, and news analysis from exchanges, brokerage houses, media, and financial services. The CML enhances the current curriculum and provides Morgan State University (MSU) students & faculty with valuable real-world experiences in an academic environment.


  • Student Education: To equip MSU students with advanced skills economically sought by potential employers to secure positions after graduation.
  • Students & Faculty Research:  To provide reliable real-time data through the Bloomberg Terminals to positively influence research.
  • Alumni Relations: To build a global professional network, student mentorship, strategic growth, and advancement. 
  • Corporate & Institutional Partnerships: To initiate new and strengthen existing partnerships with local & national corporate institutions that will enhance our students' success.

Students Resource Center

The CML provides resources to students participating in national and local competitions such as The National HP HBCChallenge, MSU Stock Market Challenge, CFA Institute Research Challenge, Bloomberg Trading Challenge, HBCU Stock Market Challenge, and The William & Mary Women's Stock Pitch Competition.

Donate to the Capital Markets Lab

You can support our students to succeed on campus and in the world after graduation.

Click HERE to donate to the Capital Markets Lab.

Instructions to donate:

  1. Click and follow the donation link above, select "Donate Now" and key in the desired amount.
  2. On the "Apply My Donation To," select "School of Business Capital Markets Lab" from the drop-down list.
  3. To donate to the Student Managed Investment Fund, select "School of Business Capital Markets Lab" and include "Student Managed Investment Fund" in the "Instruction About My Donation" section.
  4. Select Continue.

We are thankful for your generosity and assure you that your contribution will positively impact the students' lives.

Current Partners

We thank the following partners for supporting the CML to deliver educational resources to the students: 

To partner with the CML, reach out to