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Capital Markets Lab

Bloomberg Terminal and Professional Certificate

The Bloomberg Professional platform provides transparent and reliable financial, economic, and government information across all market sectors. Students access the same information platform used by financial experts, government decision-makers, and media professionals worldwide. The Terminals' use increases the students' ability to perform research and analysis using Bloomberg financial market, Bloomberg Tax, Bloomberg Law, and Bloomberg Government, and offers the Bloomberg Market Concept Certificate, which introduces students to financial markets.

Students can view the Bloomberg Terminal quick help page and the commonly used functions

Key Features Include:

News: The Bloomberg Professional gives students access to news stories as they break. Students can follow and interpret the market-moving events that professional traders and money managers rely on to stay informed.

Analytics: Using Bloomberg's service, students can perform historical market analysis, compare different investment strategies, evaluate complex financial instruments, and analyze specific companies.

Data: The Bloomberg Excel add-in enables students to use simple one-click data export features, thereby leveraging real-time historical data within the Bloomberg professional service to fuel their spreadsheets. They can monitor, manipulate, and analyze data to create the same type of models that financial professionals rely on to make real-world business decisions.

Bloomberg Terminal
Bloomberg Terminal
Bloomberg Terminal
Bloomberg Terminal