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Business Administration

Annette George

Dr. Annette George

Associate Professor, Business Administration

Office: GSBM 616
Phone: 443-885-3792


Ph.D. Morgan State University - Higher Education Administration, 2009
M.Sc. George Washington University - Tourism Administration, 2001
M.B.A. Morgan State University - Business Administration, 1999
B.Sc. Morgan State University - Marketing, 1996

Dr. Annette George is an Associate Professor at the School of Business and Management, where she has taught since 2010. Dr. George received here BSc. in Marketing, MTA in Tourism Administration, MBA in Business Administration, and Doctoral in Higher Education. In addition, she is certified as both a Master Reviewer for higher education online courses and Master Reviewer for K-12 Publisher Course reviews with Quality Matters (QM). In addition, Dr. George served as Director of the Hospitality Management program at Morgan State University for two years (2013-2015), and Acting Director of the Hospitality Management program at the Baltimore International College.

Dr. George's primary areas of research include Sustainable Tourism Development in the Caribbean region including real estate and its impact on the environment. In addition, her interests in the real estate industry has led her licensure since 2004 and currently teaches principles and pre-license courses.

Research Interests

  • Sustainable tourism development 
  • Growth effects of the LGBTQ tourists in the Caribbean
  • Relationships between tourists and locals in host destinations
  • HIV/AIDS epidemic and its relationship to tourism in the Caribbean

Recent Publications
George, A. & Richards, D. (2012). A Paradigm Shift in the Relationship between Tourists and their Hosts: The Impact on the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Trinidad and Tobago. International Conference on Business, Hospitality and Tourism Management.
Richards, D., Ekwulugo, F., & George, A. (2011). Richards, D., Ekwulugo, F. and George, A. International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibiity.
Richards, D., Ekwulugo, F., & George, A. (2011). Evolving a Need-Based Higher Education Initiative for Capacity Development in Nigeria. International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibiity.
Richards, D. & George, A. (2010). Continuously enhancing the quality of high education for global competitiveness. The 7th Annual International CANQATE Conference and Meeting.
George, A. A. & Richards, D. (2010). The Contributing Role of Visitors/Guests Relations in the Era of HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Trinidad and Tobago. The International Conference on The Changing World of Coastal, Island and Tropical Tourism.
George, A. (2008). The Pursuit of Graduate Culinary Management Degree Programs, Expected Competencies Identified by Industry Professionals and Educators. International Conference on Business, Hospitality and Tourism Management.
George, A. & Oguntimein, G. (2003). Work-Related Experiences and Cross-Border Education of Caribbean Students and the Impact These Experiences Have on their Home Countries. 4th Annual International Conference of Caribbean Area Network for Quality Assurance in Tertiary Education (CANQATE).
Oguntimein, G. & George, A. (2003). Impact of Federal Government Funding of an Internship Program at a Minority Institution. Annual American Society for Engineering Education.

(1) The phenomenal growth of the LGBT travel market and the challenges faced by small island states: the case of sustainable tourism development in the Caribbean region; (2) A paradigm shift in the relationship between tourists and their hosts: the impact on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Trinidad and Tobago; (3) Tourism in Trinidad and Tobago: the evolving attitudes and behaviors and its implications in an era of HIV/AIDS epidemic; (4) Graduate culinary management degree programs: exploring the industry/market requirements; (5) Managing ski resorts 1 and 2