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The Student Research Center

The Student Research Center

The Student Research Center (SRC) is a registered Morgan State University undergraduate student organization, partially run by students with the support of the SRC Coordinator and faculty advisor. The SRC encourages networking and health research enrichment for the students by engaging students in a vibrant research environment, where they will be surrounded by and can exchange research ideas with peers and near-peer mentors. It is a place where students will have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of biomedical research and to interact with other students who have a shared interest in biomedical research.

The goal is for students to be motivated, trained, and empowered to conduct their own research. Through participation in the SRC, the students will be able to expand their leadership skills, and share their ideas about research and their life experiences. This environment will foster development of novel ideas and create peer support for conducting biomedical research. 

On Thursday, April 26, 2018, the SRC was awarded 2018 Co-Ed Organization of the Year by the Morgan State University Office of Student Life & Development during the 2018 Organization Stars Banquet titled "Art of Success"!

2018 Co-Ed Organization of the Year


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