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University Student Center

Advertise in the MSUSC

The University Student Center features 14 SignFlash screens available for advertising. Hundreds of Morgan State University Students view the SignFlash screens every day. SignFlash has become the preferred form of advertisement in the University Student Center. In addition to video options, voice announcements are made over the Student Center PA every hour. Student Organizations, University Departments and Non-University Clients can market events, activities or special offers to the Morgan State University Community seven days a week.

Step 1: Select Options 1, 2, 3, or 4 below to determine which option best suits your needs.
Step 2: Select the advertisement option that best fits your needs from below (choose only 1 option)
Step 3: Provide all required information
Step 4: Upload a .JPG formatted flyer. (required)

The University Student Center reserves the right to refuse to post any advertisement deemed inappropriate without notice. Advertisements submitted with inaccurate or falsified information will not be posted.


  1. Use a Landscape format. This will ensure the flyer is displayed at the maximum size.
  2. Minimize text. Flyers with a lot of text are difficult to read. Event name, date, time, location and aBRIEF description is all that is needed.
  3. Maximize fonts and sizes. Text that can be viewed from far away works best.
  4. 300dpi minimum resolution. Anything lower will reduce the quality and visibility of the flyer
    Advertisement requests in which charges may apply, you will receive a quote for advertisement via email after your request has been received.

For assistance please contact the University Student Center at 443-885-3120.