Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities has the primary responsibility to manage and direct the University's efforts in matters involving student conduct. The office is staffed by two employees, a Chief Judicial Officer and Judicial Coordinator to Residence Life, and is administratively responsible to the Vice President for Student Affairs.

"To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society."
-Teddy Roosevelt


The central objective of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is to complement and enhance the University's core values, in particular integrity and respect in the educational environment, by promoting the moral, social, intellectual, and humanitarian development of our students. In this objective, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities believes that higher education must have a holistic approach that encompasses the individual's mind, body and spirit. Additionally, students have to be challenged and supported in their development; while being held to a high standard of conduct that is conducive to the educational environment.


  • To regard each student as an individual, deserving individual attention, consideration, and respect.
  • To foster an understanding and toleration of cultural diversity, which enriches the learning environment
  • To deal honestly and fairly with each student, and maintain in all circumstances, professionalism and integrity.
  • To hold each student to a high standard of behavior, that is conducive to an educational environment.
  • To promote the educational growth of every student, and contribute to the University by providing data on student conduct and advising the various departments that provide student programming
  • Service as the resource center for the Division of Student Affairs on matters pertaining to FERPA, trends in judicial affairs, and applicable policies relating to student rights on the university level.


To ensure that the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities provides quality service to our students, our vision is to:

  • Proactively assess and respond (through adjudication) to the extensive range of student misconduct while observing fundamental fairness, social justice and due process of student rights;
  • To ensure that students, faculty and staff are aware of University policies and procedures, in particular the Code of Student Conduct (CODE) for maintaining a positive and productive living-learning environment;
  • Assessing our effectiveness by promoting a customer service friendly environment, that gives priority to the individual student and providing sanctions that allow for student growth and development when applicable.

With an increasing diverse student population, which includes gender, race, age, and personal identification choices, we realize the need for a well trained and experience staff. The Chief Judicial Officer and Judicial Coordinator stays abreast of institutional trends and standards, review of current publications in the field of student judicial affairs, attending workshops and conferences pertaining to the field, observing student developmental theories and best practices, and continued research of the legal aspects of higher education and administration.


The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities believes that it supports the University's mission of educational excellence through the implementation of its objectives, maintenance of its principles, and perpetuation of its vision. Through the proper adjudication of misconduct the office assists the University by maintaining an environment conducive to learning. Providing fairness in the disciplinary process and educational sanctions, enable the University to connect with students that might otherwise have been discarded and deprived of the educational environment.