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Health Education Program

Welcome to the Morgan State University, School of Community Health and Policy Health Education Program. We are pleased that you have an interest in a growing field filled with opportunities for students. The degree is designed for students interested in studying health behavior and its social influences and interested in identifying ways to educate to promote healthy behaviors and communities. The goal of the Heath Education Program is to support the mission of the School of Community Health and Policy in the development of professionals who will reduce health inequities, promote health and transform urban communities, through the training and development of professional health educators. This goal is supported by the following program objectives:

Program Objectives

  1. Provide a curriculum that prepares early career health educators with the knowledge and skills to fulfill their identified professional responsibilities,
  2. Prepare students to recognize and address the social determinants of inequities in health and
  3. Foster an interest in the health education needs for urban communities.

Areas of Concentrations

The program offers the BS in Health Education. The foundation of the degree includes a set of core competencies consistent with the program's goal and objectives. In addition to the core competencies, there are options for areas of concentrations. Each concentration requires additional courses that provide a more specific application of the core responsibilities focused by setting and health issues.

  • The generalist degree prepares the early career professional for health education with a broad knowledge and skill set within the health education field upon which to build a career pathway.
  • The community health concentration prepares the early career professional to work in community setting and focus specifically on community-based health initiatives operated by public sector and/or non-governmental agencies.
  • The environmental health concentration provides additional training for the health educator to fulfill the seven key responsibilities with a focus on identifying and ameliorating threats to health in the physical environmental as well as advocating for conditions which support healthier living.
  • The health administration concentration prepares health educators to serve in various administrative roles in health care organizations functioning to ensure the day-to-day operations of services. These individuals have additional training in areas of management and increased understanding of policies affecting the work of health educators.

The Health Education Program also offers a Pre Professional Physical Therapy (PPPT) Advisement Track designed to provide advisement support to students who are interested in pursuing a licensed professional career in physical therapy (i.e., doctor of physical therapy -- DPT). The PPPT track is not a separate degree or concentration but an advisement opportunity to prepare students to be eligible for consideration by DPT programs guided by professionals in the field.

Completing all general education and university-required courses, students majoring in Health Education must complete the Health Education major core courses, along with the courses specified in a selected area of concentration or an approved track plan. This also includes specified supporting courses. Health Education students must receive a grade of "C" or better in all major, generalist or concentration courses, and pre-requisite courses.