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Physical Plant

The condition of the facilities and grounds on any campus directly impacts the real and perceived quality of everyone's academic and personal experience. The extent to which we can positively enhance Morgan State University's overall environment is the degree to which we fulfill our important mission. As this University's largest non-academic department, the Physical Plant Department is committed to providing high quality services that result in clean, well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing facilities and ground areas.

The Physical Plant is responsible for the repair, maintenance and operation of all buildings and grounds. Its staff keeps all operating systems in good repair and makes the campus a comfortable, safe and attractive place to learn, live, work and play. We oversee all in-house construction and our expertise includes but is not limited to: facilities management, building trades, mechanical and electrical trades, utilities management, energy conservation, and grounds maintenance. The Physical Plant's responsibilities include the following services: custodial, grounds, carpentry, painting, lock & key, HVAC, temperature control, energy management, elevator, fire, sprinkler, emergency generator, plumbing, autoclaves, water treatment, equipment, recycling and much more. Additionally, we are responsible for the 24x7 operations of the Central Heating Plant which provides heat for about 75% of our buildings on campus. In short, the Physical Plant is responsible for practically everything that keeps our university operating.

The Physical Plant also supports other campus departments in achieving their objectives by focusing on customer service, teamwork, and creating an environment where our employees can learn and grow personally and professionally.

Finally, the Physical Plant Department can be considered the "heart" of the university's operations. In performing our various responsibilities, we strive to cultivate individual honesty, integrity, exemplary customer service and excellence.

Work Order Requests

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Work Control Center: 443-885-3320