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Murphy Fine Arts Center

House Rules & Policies

Specific policies and "RULES AND POLICIES OF THE HOUSE" have been established so that all patrons, visitors, and clients of the Murphy Fine Arts Center (MFAC) might have the best experience possible during their time at MFAC. This document is also available in PDF format: click here.

Accessibility: MFAC is equipped with accessibility features such as wheel chair lifts, ramps and wheelchair companion seating. For patrons who require special seating or access, please contact MFAC in advance to make arrangements. Please make your inquiries by contacting us or by calling 443-885-3286.

Food and beverages: Food and beverages are strictly prohibited in the theaters of the MFAC. All food, snacks and beverages must be consumed or discarded prior to entering any of the three theaters within the MFAC. The House Management of MFAC reserves the right to refuse entry to a theater to anyone who is in possession of food, snacks or beverages.

Photography, Videotaping, Audio taping: Use of recording devices of any kind (including still photography and video cameras, audio tape recorders, digital photo capture devices) by non-authorized people is strictly prohibited in any of the MFAC theater venues unless MFAC management and the artist have expressly waived the Photography and Recording Restriction.

For most events/performances, only those individuals who have secured authorization and the appropriate credentials from MFAC management prior to a performance or event may operate recording devices during an MFAC event. Once authorization and credentials have been issued, the credential(s) must be clearly displayed on the individual to whom it was/(they were) issued at all times and must be returned to MFAC management at the end of the performance.

Recording (video, audio, and still photography) devices carried by unauthorized individuals will be confiscated and safely stored by MFAC House Management in the MFAC office until the performance is over. It will be the responsibility of the owner to retrieve the stored device(s). Failure to comply may cause a patron to be deemed and "objectionable patron" and be subject to removal from the premises.

Late Seating: Late seating will occur during the first opportunity (break in performance). Until that time, audience members will be held outside the hall. This policy is to minimize distraction of the on-stage artist(s) as well as the MFAC patrons who were seated prior to the performance start. The appropriate "break" will be determined in consultation between MFAC staff and the Artist. How and where late arrivals are seated will be venue specific.

Objectionable Patrons: MFAC management reserves the right to eject, or cause to be ejected, from the premises any objectionable person or persons. MFAC management and House Management reserve the right to determine when a person or persons' behavior is objectionable or disruptive to other users of MFAC, and, if necessary, have the objectionable individual(s) removed from the MFAC premises.

Appropriate Attire: All patrons/users of the MFAC must where appropriate attire for a performing arts venue. Clothing with objectionable, vulgar or offensive writing, images or imprints may not be worn at the MFAC. Determination of what is objectionable or offensive will be based upon normal and reasonable standards; and MFAC House management will be the final arbiter of what falls into this category.

Hats and headwear must be removed upon entering any of the performance spaces; and they are cannot be worn by patrons in any of the MFAC performance spaces unless such head coverings are recognized as part of the religious dress of the patron (e.g. khoufis, turbans, chunnis, yarmulkes, or kippahs). This policy is to minimize the obstruction of other patrons' view of any performance.

Traffic and Parking: The parking lot for patrons of all MFAC events is the "Y" parking lot-which is located at the rear corner of the MFAC. Access the "Y" lot from Argonne Drive. Turn onto McCallum Drive. Travel to the end of McCallum Dr. Turn right at black fence and look for the signs indicating "Y Lot." All guests and patrons of MFAC will be subject to all Morgan State University traffic and parking regulations when parking on all other lots. Please heed all parking signs.

House Opening and Capacity: The House will open no less than ½ hour prior to the stated curtain time following consultation between House Management and Production Services at each performance. The posted capacity of each theater venue will not be exceeded. MFAC House Management has the right to refuse entry to any patron once a theater's capacity has been reached.

Paging Devices & Cellular Phones: All paging devices & cellular phones must be turned off during any event held at the MFAC. Any patron that refuses to adhere to this requirement shall be deemed "objectionable" and is subject to removal.

Smoking: The MFAC is a smoke-free building. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the MFAC property. Any patron that refuses to adhere to this requirement shall be deemed "objectionable" and is subject to removal.

Emergency Medical Treatment: The University reserves the right to determine if Paramedics/Emergency Medical Personnel need to be called for a specific incident.

Bicycles, Skateboards, In-Line Skates Scooters, Bicycles and any motorized vehicle, not needed for persons with disabilities are not allowed inside the Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center facilities. The aforementioned items, when found in the building will be removed from the premises by the Morgan State University Department of Police and Public Safety under the direction of MFAC management. Retrieval of these items will be the responsibility of the owner. Bicycle storage racks are provided on the exterior of MFAC facilities.

Animals: Except for service animals for persons with disabilities and animals required as part of a performance, animals are not allowed in MFAC facilities. MFAC management must be notified in advance if the production requires the use of animals so that necessary arrangements and precautions may be taken.

Children and Infants: MFAC believes in exposing young people to the performing arts at an early and appropriate age. We encourage parents to prepare their children for the experience by explaining basic audience etiquette to them. Children talking or moving around in a manner that is distracting to other patrons may be asked to move or leave the venue. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Medical Emergency Inside Performance Hall: Should a medical emergency take place inside a performance space during a performance, it will be the purview of the MFAC Director to decide whether the performance should be stopped while the medical emergency is resolved. The MFAC Director will contact the stage manager to stop the show.