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Medical Laboratory Science

William Anong

Dr. William Anong

Program Director and Associate Professor, Medical Laboratory Science

Office: Key Hall G57
Phone: 443-885-3611


Dr. William Anong is an Associate Professor and Program Director for Medical Laboratory Science at Morgan State University. Prior to his recent appointment in this position, he was an Assistant Professor; Clinical Chemistry course & Lab director in the Department of Clinical Laboratory Science at Winston Salem State University. He holds a PhD from Purdue University and an MBA in Healthcare Management. He is a Board Certified Clinical Chemist (NRCC), Specialist in Chemistry (ASCP) & Medical Laboratory Scientist (ASCP). He has broad expertise in clinical laboratory testing and management: having served also as a consulting Lab Director, clinical and technical expert for startup immunoassay and toxicology labs. Dr. Anong’s research, scholarly presentations and publications focuses on electrolyte disorders, red cells protein studies and optimizing clinical laboratory Standard Operating Procedures. Dr. Anong is a reviewer for several journals including the Journal of clinical Laboratory Medicine and Clinical Laboratory Science Journal. He holds membership in several professional organizations. He served as State President (2019/2020) for the North Carolina State Society for Clinical Laboratory Science and represented the state as a delegate to the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science national meetings.

Recent Publications

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  • Anong, W. A., & Okoyeh, J. N. (2021). "Perspectives on Fewer Sars-2 Corona virus (COVID-19) Deaths in Africa." Integrative Journal of Medical Sciences, 8.
  • Anong, WA; Okoyeh, JN & Nnaemeka-Okoyeh, RO (2021). "COVID-19 Pandemic: Updates and Current Status." JCBPS; Section B; February 2021 –April 2021, Vol. 11, No. 2; 307-314, DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.B.11.2.30714. E- ISSN: 2249 –1929.
  • Anong WA, Richardson, VM, Woollen, K (2020). "Osmolality Threshold for Sickle Cell Erythrocyte Hemolysis." J Clin Med Res. 2020,1(3):1-9. Doi: 10.46889/jcmr.2020.1302.
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