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Office of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Planning and Instutional Effectiveness is responsible for providing customer service training to faculty, staff, and administration at Morgan State University. Morgan State University's customer service initiative and classes are called Morgan Cares More. The office also manages the President's Fix It Program and coordinates Commencement Exercises at Morgan State University.

Customer Service - Providing good customer service to our Morgan customers has become an expectation in today's higher education environment. Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction. Customer service training is offered in many of our educational intuitions in the United States. The concept of customer service involves more than working with a single department or a handful of individuals. Providing a true service-centered environment is everyone's job. Here at Morgan State University, we are committed to providing excellent customer service to our students, alumni, potential students, co-workers, parents and other stakeholders. Our motto is "Excellent Customer Service Matters at Morgan."

The Fix It Program - This initiative provides follow-up on items at Morgan needing attention, repair, and/or resolution.

Commencement - This office works with the Morgan State Commencement Committee to plan, organize, and produce the December and the May Graduate and Undergraduate Commencment Exercises.