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Office of Strategic Enrollment Partnerships

SMART Dual Enrollment Program

Morgan State University (MSU) has established the Starting Morgan at the Right Time (SMART) dual enrollment program in an effort to enhance academic outreach efforts, increase high school completion rates and college readiness as well as further MSU's academic footprint on the global stage. By establishing this SMART program, Morgan will join the rapidly growing group of collegiate institutions that are providing high school students with the opportunity to earn college credit while still in secondary school, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will continue on to pursue associate's and bachelor's degrees. Further, the SMART program advances Morgan's mission of serving the urban community and addressing the downward trends in high school completion, college entry, and degrees among underrepresented groups in Baltimore City.


The MSU SMART Dual Enrollment Program supports the institution's mission by enhancing the availability of higher education offerings. MSU will offer educational courses and services that promote high school completion and college readiness by forming partnerships with various educational partners.


  • To implement SMART through a college readiness orientation, college-level courses, and academic support services.
  • To create a learning environment where personalized learning, academic rigor, a common focus and close interpersonal relationships occur, thereby giving the students the personal attention and extra help needed, to accomplish the outcome of succeeding in taking college-level courses and high school completion.


SMART is comprised of the following components:

  • Outreach-MSU will advertise its program to potential students and organizations through various methods, including social media, traditional media, active recruitment initiatives, as well as hosting open house events.
  • Assessment/Enrollment-MSU will administer it's Placement Assessment yearly to eligible rising 10th, 11th, and 12th graders and based on these scores, students may be allowed to take courses at MSU. These students will be called SMART Dual-Enrolled Scholars.
  • Matriculation Support Services-The SMART Scholars will be advised by the Special Advisor for Strategic Enrollment Partnerships and assigned Peer Mentors. These individuals will be responsible for advising, tutoring, and giving the scholars the personal attention and extra help needed to succeed in taking college-level courses. Peer Mentors will assist participants with MSU's college admission process, if applicable.

Benefits of MSU SMART Dual Enrollment Program

SMART Scholars who graduate high school with a minimum 2.5 GPA, earn 9 credits toward a degree, have a minimum 980 SAT score (Critical Reading and Mathematics) or 19 ACT Composite, complete the admission application process and meet all non-academic requirements, will be guaranteed to be admitted into Morgan State University as degree-seeking students.


Students participating in the MSU SMART Dual Enrollment program are responsible for paying the university's published tuition and fee rates. However, if the student is eligible for tuition and fees support from the state/school district, MSU will bill the appropriate state/school district for payment.