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Handshake Employer FAQs

What browsers work best for Handshake on my laptop or desktop?

Handshake is supported by Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge

I’m having trouble logging in for my initial sign-on, what do I do?
  • If you've received an invite from a school or a colleague, you can follow the link to take you to the account creation process
  • If you're signing up without an invite, go HERE to create an employer account
  • If you're having difficulties receiving the confirmation email, try checking your spam and junk folders to ensure that emails are not being filtered out. Add Handshake to your email contacts or address book, and lastly, check with your IT department and ask them to unblock Handshake or check for quarantined emails. Then, resend the confirmation email once you've taken these steps. You can resend the confirmation by logging into Handshake and using the link provided
My company doesn’t have an existing profile on Handshake and I need to create a new one, how?
  • First, select the "keep me logged in" box on Handshake to ensure that your page doesn't time out/log you out during the creation process
  • If you do not see the Create New Company button, or your company already has a Handshake profile but needs to create additional profiles for different locations or divisions, please contact the Handshake Support Team for further assistance
  • Creating New Company Profile Process:
    1. Once you have registered for your Handshake user account and are on Step 3 of 4 - Join Your Company, start by using the search box located in the middle of the screen to see if your company's profile already exists on Handshake
    2. If your company doesn't appear in the search results, click the Create New Company button, located on the right side of the screen
    3. If you are not seeing the Create New Company button, please contact Support to have them open a domain space for you to create a new company with your domain
    4. The next steps will be adding all company information (Name, Industry, Branding Images, Location, Website, etc.). Once all is complete, click Create New Company at the bottom of the page

Action Items

My account has been created, and I’m awaiting approval from my School, why hasn’t this happened yet?

Employer accounts can not be approved for several reasons, be sure to verify that these aspects of your Company foundation are correct

  • Working Email Address
  • Working Company Website
  • Matching your Company address/website with the one that is posted in Handshake
  • Matching your User Email domain with your Corporate /expected domain
  • Proper role assignment: Be sure that you're not misleading with your job postings. Strictly commission based, door to door sales/cold calling, multilevel marketing, and unpaid internships that read more like part-time jobs will be flagged

Schools have the ability to directly provide feedback to you regarding your Company details via your Company profile; a notification will come to your account once the message is sent

Is my Home Screen customizable?

After a launch cooldown period, contact Handshake Support to inquire about this feature is available moving forward. As of launch time, on your Employer Home Screen, you will see Job, Interview, Upcoming Event, and Upcoming Career Fair areas highlighted. Above the Job, Interview, and Upcoming Event columns there will be shortcuts to create new jobs, interviews, or events.

What is a Trust Score and why is it important?

A trust score is a score generated for each employer within the Handshake system that measures their level of activity on Handshake. This type of activity can determine how likely a company is to proactively message students. *Your trust score can be found on your Company Profile page, only viewable to you. Students cannot see trust scores when viewing your Company profile page.

Trust Scores are calculated using these bases (reference Question #1 in this section)

  • Your activity level on the platform
  • The number of approvals/declines from various schools
  • How long your company has been on the platform
  • Company profile completeness
  • Whether or not your company has a valid web address
Where can I make changes to my Notification and Messaging Preferences?
  • Once you're logged in click on your name in the top right-hand corner of your Handshake Account; then click on "Your Profile"
  • On the My Profile page you will see three tabs folders on the far right directly below your name (Profile, Account, and Calendar); select the "Account" tab
  • On the Account page, you will see four folders on the left side of the page directly next to the side panel (Account Information, Notification Preferences, Status Messaging Preferences and Create Notes from Email)
  • To select/determine what activities/ user actions you would like to be notified about, and how, click Notification Preferences.
  • To customize Application pending, reviewed, and declined to message click Status Messaging Preferences
  • Shortcuts
    • Shortcut to Message Inbox- click Message Bubble Icon at the top of your screen on the same line as the "Your Employer's School" tab
    • Notification Screen/Preferences shortcut - click the Globe next to the Message icon and "Your Employer's School" tab
    • Calendar Shortcut- click Calendar icon next to Notification and Message icons mentioned above
  • If there are any Administrator Role issues contact Handshake Support
How can I manage my relationships (Students, Schools, Contacts) within Handshake?

To manage your relationships within Handshake utilize your side panel located on the far left of your screen. Under your Relationships header, you will see Search Students, Schools, and Contacts.

I want more training/guidance with Handshake implementation, how do I do so?

Click your Help tab (directly to the left of your name/login tab), where Contact Support, Help Center, and Webinar options will appear. Select Webinar. Another screen will pop up (login tab at the top far right of your screen) with Handshake University, where you will be able to access additional interactive Handshake training.