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Center for Excellence in Mathematics and Science

Retired Educators of the Center of Excellence, Mathematics, Science Education.

The Retired Educators of the Center for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Education (RECEMSE) is a mentorship program located at at school site which is an extension of the "Morgan Mile Project," an initiative of Morgan State University. Baltimore City retired science teachers will conduct the program with the assistance of faculty, staff, and students of the center for excellence in mathematics and sicence education (CEMSE) at Morgan State. 

Baltimore City science teachers and students will receive a portfolio of hands on activities that support the program's goals which aligns with Morgan's project and our country's science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (S.T.E.M) initiative. The duration of the program is within seven to twelve weeks.

The program has goals which are to.....

  1. Increase student participation in STEM education initiatives
  2. Increase student knowledge, experience, and participation in a school-wide, local, and international science fair
  3. Increase the students' understanding of real world application of the scientific process through the development of a science fair project
  4. Offer positive experiences that will encourage students to pursue science careers
  5. Assists students with developing a research project, preaparing an abstract, project report, oral project presentataion as well as participating in schoool-wide, local and/or international science fairs.