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Office of Student Life & Development

Campus Activities Board


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The Morgan State University Campus Activities Board (C.A.B.) is the student-led extension of the Office of Student Life & Development (OSLD).  C.A.B. is an eclectic group  dedicated to assisting student organizations and departments with events to impact the student life experience. The mission of C.A.B. is to build school spirit and unity by coordinating events that appeal to the social, cultural, recreational and ethical needs of the student body.

In addition, C.A.B. members will receive training from expert event planners and attend national conferences tailored to Campus Activity Boards and campus programming. With the assistance of OSLD, the Executive Team of the Campus Activities Board will provide leadership over the many C.A.B. committees. The committees are rooted in the following areas: 1)Financial management 2)Budgeting, 3) Event promotion, 4) Marketing, 5) Event logistics, 6) Community engagement and 7) Campus life.

The Campus Activities Board commits to Excellence, Entertainment, Diversity, Respect, and Event planning at the dynamic Morgan State University.

Click HERE to visit their web page and stay up to date with all of the CAB Events!