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Bachelors in Social Work

Four Years Outta Here Campaign

The BSW Department began the "Four Year Outta Here" Campaign as a direct result of the Morgan State University "50 by 25" Campaign. The "50 by 25" Campaign is a comprehensive university strategy to raise the graduation rates of undergraduate students to 50% by 2025. The strategy involves providing undergraduates with "front- loading" advising, connection to support services both internal and external to the university, and "real-time" databases that help students with course selection and professional/career decisions.

The BSW Department in the School of Social Work decided that in addition to this targeted strategy by the university, we would augment these efforts with our own initiatives. The "Four Year Outta Here" Campaign is designed to provide undergraduate social work students with a plethora of support within the BSW Department. Strategies include, but are not limited, to the following:

  1. The BSW Student Ambassador Team comprised of four undergraduate students who serve as liaisons to social work students. These ambassadors serve as peer mentors, role models, resource connectors, advocators, spokespersons, and representatives of BSW students and the School of Social Work. 
  2. Marketing strategies which reinforce the slogan "Four Year Outta Here". Lanyards and wristband with the slogan were purchased for distribution to social work students. The strategy being that constant visualization of the slogan reinforces the behavior to complete the program in four years.
  3. Information sourcing during BSW Majors Meetings which helps connect students to information regarding the financial consequences of not graduating in four years. Additionally, we assist students with identifying those stumbling blocks that can possibly impede and/or delay graduation goals.