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Division of Enrollment Management & Student Success

Academic Advising Hotline

The Academic Advising Hotline is a resource to help students resolve academic advising concerns or request additional assistance for academic advising matters (Academic Advising Hotline Form). It is also a resource for students to acknowledge an outstanding academic advisor for their service and commitment to student success (Academic Advising Kudos Form).

Academic Advising Concerns

Students are encouraged to attempt to first resolve the concern/s with their assigned academic advisors by employing the following steps:

  1. Check Starfish, WebSIS, and/or Degree Works for advisor's contact information
  2. Contact assigned academic advisor to resolve concern
  3. Allow three (3) business days for the academic advisor to respond.

If the student is still unable to resolve their concern, only then, the student is encouraged to submit an Academic Advising Hotline Form.

Academic Advising Hotline Form Submission

The Academic Advising Hotline Form requires a Morgan State University email and a student identification (ID) number. Students must provide detailed information about their advising concern as well as the measure/s they have taken to resolve the issues before contacting the Advising Hotline. Students may also attach any documentation that is relevant to their academic advising concerns. Even though a student's information (name, email, and ID) is collected, the student can request that their name be omitted when the concern is forwarded to the person/s and/office mentioned in the form.

What to expect after completing the Academic Advising Hotline form?

After submitting an Academic Advising Hotline Form:

  1. The student will receive an (automatic) notification acknowledging receipt of their submission.
  2. Within 3 business days of submitting the form, an advising hotline administrator will review the form.
  3. If needed, the advising hotline administrator will contact the student for further information to resolve the concern.
  4. After the administrator has reviewed the information and documentation provided (if applicable), the administrator will attempt to resolve the concern by contacting the appropriate individual (advisor, staff, or faculty), academic department, and/or office.
  5. Once a resolution is reached, the student will receive an email from with the details of the resolution.

Academic Advising Kudos

Students can acknowledge an academic advisor for their outstanding effort as an academic advisor by completing the Academic Advising Kudos Form. This person may be a freshman academic advisor or a faculty/departmental advisor.

Academic Advising Kudos Form Submission

When submitting an Academic Advising Kudos Form students are encouraged to provide comments about the qualities that make the advisor an outstanding advisor. For assistance, students can refer to the Academic Advising Syllabus for the responsibilities of an academic advisor. If the advisor deserves recognition for their commitment to providing great advising support, then submit an Academic Advising Kudos Form.

What to expect after completing the Academic Advising Kudos form?

After submitting an Academic Advising Kudos Form:

  1. The student will receive an (automatic) notification acknowledging receipt of their submission.
  2. An advising hotline administrator will review the form.         
  3. The academic advisor listed on the form will be informed via email ( that they were acknowledged for providing great advising support. The submitted form will be shared with the advisor.       

If you require any information on this page in an alternative format please contact the Academic Advising Hotline at

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