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Department of Advanced Studies, Leadership, and Policy

Higher Education & Student Affairs (MA & PhD)


Welcome to the Higher Education & Student Affairs Administration Program  

The Higher Education & Student Affairs Administration (HESA) graduate programs prepares individuals for careers as highly effective higher education administrators and scholars. Both the MA and PhD programs prepare scholar-leaders for the varied challenges facing higher education organizations in today’s global environment. A key goal of the HESA programs is to develop change leaders who actively engage with issues of the 21st century to create equitable and socially just higher education institutions.

In our Higher Education & Student Affairs Administration programs, our faculty seek to:

  • Enhance professional competence and communication skills
  • Promote social justice
  • Meet the needs of diverse learners
  • Engage and encourage reflective practice
  • Maintain a constructivist emphasis in teaching and learning
  • Encourage partnerships and collegiality

Our educational community values:

  • Using the process of critical self-reflection for growth in professional practice and competence
  • Respect for the uniqueness of all individuals
  • Ethical advocacy on behalf of individuals or groups experiencing discrimination
  • Critical thinking and writing as part of the development of scholar-leaders

To that end, we expect all graduates of our programs will be able to:

  • Advance social justice & inclusion practices within their campus community
  • Promote stakeholder development (student, alumni, donor, faculty, staff, administrator, community, etc.)
  • Enhance the organization and administration of their university/college
  • Engage in independent and collaborative assessment, evaluation, and research

Prospective students can access specific program information below:

MA in Higher Education Administration & Student Affairs

PhD in Higher Education Administration

Full-time Program Faculty

Dr. Virginia Byrne, Assistant Professor

Dr. Niah Grimes, Assistant Professor

Dr. Chad Kee, Assistant Professor

Dr. Steve Mobley, Associate Professor

Dr. Sean Robinson, Professor & Program Coordinator

Dr. Ben Welsh, Associate Professor

For questions and/or more information please contact Dr. Sean Robinson, Program Coordinator

Find us on Twitter @MorganStateHESA