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Student Research Center

Overview of the SRC

The Student Research Center is an interdisciplinary research organization that will benefit both the students and Morgan State University at large. The SRC will:

  • Expand students' research skills by offering them the opportunity to conduct demonstrations, lab activities, or community research through the development of their own SRC-funded research projects.
  • Provide a facility where students can interact with each other and engage in health research.
  • Host seminars and workshops for students to learn more about the health-research industry.
  • Offer opportunities for students to attend symposia and retreats funded by the Student Research Center.
  • Collaborate with other registered student organizations and offer them networking and health-research opportunities.
  • Offer students the opportunity to serve the community.

The advisors of the SRC include: Mrs. Shamara Murphy, Mr. Thomas Waters, Jr. and Dr. Lisa Brown. We are a family oriented organization!