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Counseling Center

Resources for Faculty/Staff

The Counseling Center staff is available to provide consultation and outreach to university faculty and staff. Our referral guide provides information about our services, when to refer students to counseling, and how to facilitate a referral to our services.

Each member of the Counseling Center staff serves as a liaison to one or more Schools for the purposes of referral and consultation. Each liaison meets regularly with the Dean and the faculty of the School to provide information about our services and to answer questions. Please contact your School's liaison at (443)885-3130.

  • School of Liberal Arts: Mr. DaVel Kent
  • School of Architecture and Planning: Dr. Brooks
  • School of Business and Management: Dr. D’Andre Poole
  • School of Community Health and Policy: Dr. D’Andre Poole
  • School of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences: Dr. Gibson
  • School of Education and Urban Studies: Dr. Brooks
  • School of Global Journalism and Communication: Ms. Highsmith
  • School of Graduate Studies: Dr. D’Andre Poole
  • School of Social Work: Ms. Highsmith
  • Athletic Department: Ms. Highsmith (temporarily)
  • Center for Global Studies and International Education: Dr. Gibson
  • ROTC/Department of Military Science: Dr. Gibson
  • Honors College: Mr. DaVel Kent

 Liaisons will rotate annually.