The Fulbright Scholarship Program

Founding Director:  Dr. Sandye Jean McIntyre, II
Director:   Dr. Carleen S. Leggett

Assistant Director:  Dr. Elizabeth S. Gunn     

Morgan State University has long been the Fulbright leader among historically Black colleges and universities. Morgan students have received a total of 136 Fulbright-related grants for study, research, and/or teaching in 44 different countries. The Fulbright Program was founded in 1946 and was instituted at Morgan in 1951 by the late Dr. Sandye Jean McIntyre, II (Distinguished Professor of Foreign Languages and Consul of the Republic of Senegal). He was joined in aiding student applicants in 1968 when Dr. Carleen S. Leggett (the current Fulbright Program Director and former Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages) became the Associate Director. In 2012, Dr. Elizabeth S. Gunn (Associate Professor of World Languages and International Studies and Director of English as a Second Language) was named the Assistant Director of the program. Dr. McIntyre eventually achieved the distinction of being recognized by the Institute of International Education as the longest-serving (55 years) Fulbright advisor in history. Dr. Leggett calls him "the heart, soul, and inspiration of Morgan's Fulbright Program."  

MSU's recent student Fulbrighters include Shondrea McCargo, who will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Malaysia during the coming year. Adanna Emeji, a doctoral candidate in the field of Public Health, is currently doing research in Nigeria. Anjanae Wilson was recently a Fulbright ETA in Brazil. Christian Kameni spent 2013-14 as an ETA in France. He reported that "this experience surpassed my expectations, and I will be forever thankful for this opportunity of a lifetime." Morganite Jasmine Norman won a Fulbright to Malaysia for 2012 and Fulbrighter Dakari Taylor-Watson spent the 2011 year serving as a model for English in Malaysia. He made every effort, he explained, "to interact with my Malaysian students in order to understand their goals in life and help them succeed." Also in 2011, Katherine Lloyd and Lorraine Thomas were Fulbrighters to Peru. Judith Howerton did research in the area of transportation in Senegal in 2010-11. She collected and reviewed transportation planning and policy documents in order to examine the decision-making process. Dakar was "particularly compelling for my research agenda," she maintained, "as it provides an excellent basis for studying transportation planning vis-à-vis rapid urban growth as a phenomenon in sub-Saharan African cities." Experiences of the 2008-09 Morgan Fulbright student grantees were extremely varied and rewarding. JoAnna Ford studied music and performed in opera in Germany. Jahmila Vincent taught in Vietnam as an English Teaching Assistant. Lynn Washington completed research for her doctoral degree in English in Jamaica.     

Morgan professors and administrators (43 in addition to former MSU students) have received a total of 62 "Senior Fulbright" awards (generally post-doctoral) for study, research, and/or teaching in 40 countries. Such awardees in 2014-15 included Dr. Richard Kitson-Walters (Germany), Dr. James Lee III (Brazil), Ms. Agnès Moon (Turkey), and Dr. Sandip Patel (India).  Dr. M'bare N'gom led Fulbright seminars in Peru. Dr. McIntyre, after Fulbright study as a pre-doctoral student in France, was a Senior Fulbright Scholar in Israel, Senegal, Mali, Liberia, and Gambia. Dr. Leggett received a post-doctoral Fulbright grant to Egypt and Jordan. Other MSU faculty or administrative Fulbrighters include Dr. Umaru Bah, Ms. Brenda Brown, Dr. Ruth Connell, Dr. Ali Emdad, Dr. Mary Ann Faye, Prof. Suzanne Frasier, Dr. Stephan Goodwin, Dr. Marlene Greer-Chase, Dr. Max Hilaire, Dr. Burney Hollis, Dr. James Hudson, Dr. Azza Kamal, Dr. James Lewis, Prof. Getachew Metaferia, Dr. Adele Newson-Horst, Dr. Joy Nandi, Dr. Joseph Overton, Dr. Glenn Phillips, Dr. Muhammad Quibria, Dr. Julaine Rigg, Prof. Kenneth Royster, Dr. Sarah Smiley, Dr. Iola Smith, and Dr. Maurice St.-Pierre.     

Fulbright Scholars from Morgan have often stressed not only the academic advantages of studying in a foreign milieu, but the personal and cultural rewards as well, the enlightenment gained from close contact with new languages and ways of life. Adanna Emeji has reported excellent progress with her research on Nigerian maternal health care and praises the guidance and cooperation which she has received. Mr. Kameni appreciated "one of the best experiences of my life and at the same time one of the most gratifying." Ms. Howerton has stated that the learning and cultural exchange were reciprocal with the people with whom she interacted in Senegal, "whether volunteer, community, and social activities, or in the classroom." Also reflecting on the benefits gained from the Fulbright- year, Mr. Taylor-Watson maintains that his Fulbright period in Malaysia provided him "with a better knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of myself and of my host country." Dr. Leggett emphasizes that: "The great success of the Fulbright Program at Morgan State University is a very important and prestigious mark of distinction for the University as it continues to expand its international impact."

(National Fulbright website) 

Annual Application Deadline: October 5

Some of Morgan's Fulbright Awardees

Shondrea H. McCargo

Shondrea H. McCargo



Emeji, Adanna

Adanna I. A. Emeji




Christian J. Kameni


2013- 2014

Christian Kameni in France

Christian J. Kamini




Anjanae L. Wilson



Jasmine P. Norman

Malaysia, 2012


peru 2011

Katherine D. Lloyd, Lorraine Thomas (with Dr. Getachew Metaferia & Dr. M'Bare N'gom, seminar leader)

Peru, 2011





Dakari Taylor-Watson

Malaysia, 2011


Judith AHowerton

Senegal, 2010-2011

JoAnna M. Ford

JoAnna M Ford

Germany,  2008-2009

Jahmila T. Vincent

Jahmila T. Vincent

Vietnam 2008-2009

Jahmila Vincent in Vietnam

Jahmila T. Vincent


Lynn M. Washington

Lynn M. Washington

Jamaica, 2008-2009


William A. Benjamin




 Katherine D. Lloyd

 (Peru 2011)

Dakari S. Taylor-Watson

(Malaysia 2011)

Angela D. Ross

(Ecuador 1974-1975)


Sondra F. McCauley



Morgan Staff with Fulbright Scholar McCargo


Dr. Elizabeth Gunn,  Dr. Joan Robinson, Ms. Shondrea McCargo,    Dr. Carleen Leggett

Leggett and Kameni with McIntyre

Dr. Carleen Leggett and Mr. Christian Kameni with portrait of Dr. Sandye McIntyre, II

Faculty Fulbright Awardees L - R

Recent MSU Faculty Fulbright Awardees

Dr. Richard Kitson-Walters, Dr. Sandip Patel,  Dr. James Lee III 

Not Pictured: Ms. Agnes Moon