Screenwriting and Animation Program


From film to new media, students are looking to tell stories in the 21st century. Morgan's cinematic arts and sciences program has the tools to get you started.

The major in Screen Writing and Animation (SWAN) is Morgan's cinematic arts and sciences major. The degree combines theory and practice, and it integrates production and hands-on field experience in filmmaking and content creation. SWAN aims for students to gain the competitive edge on entering the work force with transferrable skills across diverse segments of industry.

Our students aren't just learning from textbooks and lectures; they are working hands on with professional-grade equipment and industry professionals to produce real stories seen by real audiences.

How it works

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degrees in Screenwriting and Animation offer concentrations in:
1 Computer Animation (and Interactive Media)
2 Film and Television Writing (Screenwriting)
3 Integrated Media Writing (Screenwriting and Animation)

These degrees require that students complete 61 credits in the major and in supporting courses. The BA requires students to complete six credits in the same foreign language as a part of their degree requirements, while the BFA Degree requires students to complete six credits in practical studio courses as a substitution for the foreign language requirement.

Both degrees provide multidisciplinary academic and professional training in the media arts through a combination of practical and theoretical courses, as well as field experiences to expose students to, and prepare them for, the next generation of an increasingly complex and evolving profession.

Real stories, real work:

In addition to making their own movies and multimedia content, undergraduate SWAN majors have created multimedia content for:

HBO's Show Me A Hero
Maryland Innovation Day
Patuxent Environmental & Aquatic Research Laboratory
Morgan MILE
Maryland Film Industry Coalition
Samuel Ready Scholarships Inc.
Bel-Air Edison neighborhood association
School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Morgan State University Office of Continuing Studies
The Lillie May Carrol Jackson Museum
Morgan Film Slam
Best of Baltimore Student Film Festival

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Our students aren't just training for the "real world." They're producing real works for real clients now.

Sizzle Reel: a compilation of work from SWAN students

MFIC: produced by SWAN students and faculty for the Maryland Film Industry Coalition

Anti-drug PSAs: produced by SWAN students and faculty for the governor's Heroin and Opiod Emergency Task Force