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On-Site Admission FAQ's

1. Who is eligible?

High school seniors preparing to graduate in spring 2017 and transfer students preparing to transfer in fall 2017.

2. How do I participate?

Step 1: Complete the online application

Step 2: Bring your supplemental items with you to open house on April 7th

Step 3: Drop off your supplemental items by 8:30 am at the drop off area located across from the gym in the Hill Field House

Step 4: Pick up your decision at 3:00 pm in the same location as the drop off

3. What if I have already applied and submitted my supplemental items to the admissions office?

If you would like to receive an on-site decision you must bring a physical copy of your supplemental items with you to open house. If you do not bring a physical copy, you will receive your decision within our normal notification window depending on when you submitted your complete application.

4. I do not have a printed copy of my test scores and/or transcript. Can I still receive a decision?

No, you must bring a physical copy of your supplemental items in order to receive an on-site decision.

5. What is the cut off time for document drop-off?

All supplemental items must be received at the drop-off location by 8:30 am. Any information that is drop off after 8:30 am will be received and processed in our normal processing window of 4 to 6 weeks.