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Database Tutorial

You might have noticed we have a new Databases page - this is part of preparations to phase out the Research Port system and replace it with one that provides you direct access to the databases we subscribe to.


Go to a specific database?
The main database listing page is organized alphabetically, A-Z. To find your database quicker, you can search the page using ctrl-f (Windows) or ⌘-f (Mac OS)

a-z list

View open source databases?
We are always seeking to improve our list of recommended open source databases, which means you don't need to log in or even be a part of the Morgan community to access them. You can view the list of our recommended open access databases by clicking on the link

open access

Search for database names or subjects?
Using the search box, you can search for the name of your database or potential subject options. Please note that once you are in the search results (see below), you can view the list of available subjects.

Navigate the search results?
Our databases are now organized as part of our LibGuide system, and using the search box on the Databases page will take you there. Once there, you can navigate by subject, vendor, and first letter.

subject listing

alphabetical listing