Video Lounge Policies

  1. The central and exclusive focus of the Video Lounge is educational.
  2. Access to the Video Lounge must be reserved through the Library's online reservation system at least 2 days in advance. All users must have an approved reservation and an ID matching the name on the reservation. Patrons may reserve time in the Video Lounge once per day.
  3. Chairs and headphones are available for checkout at circulation. All regular circulation policies, fines, and fees apply; please take the time to read these policies in advance. Chairs and headphones can be checked out for 3 hours and are only for use in the Video Lounge during regular library hours.
  4. Use of the Video Lounge is intended primarily for academic classes. However, when classes are not occupying the Lounge, students or student groups may use the Lounge for Kanopy viewing.
  5. The Video Lounge's maximum capacity is 20. For larger numbers, please contact a librarian at 443-885-3450.
  6. The last available time to access the Video Lounge is 6:00pm.
  7. Patrons using the Video Lounge are expected to follow all other Library policies. The Lounge is part of the library's silent zone. A silent zone requires no talking. Patrons are expected to view and listen to movies responsibly, to be respectful of others around them, and to keep the volume in their headphones at a reasonable level. Discussions, however, can be held via text message or in the vestibule of the first floor.
  8. All material viewed in the Video Lounge must be owned or licensed by the Library.
  9. Only faculty, staff, and students teaching or enrolled at Morgan State University will have authenticated access to these files, both on and off campus.
  10. Faculty, staff, and students may not copy, redistribute, modify, and/or archive any of the files streamed.
  11. The Library reserves the right to reject or remove any patron not in compliance with these policies, or turn off the equipment and end the patron's session.
  12. If there are technical problems, contact a reference librarian at 443-885-3450 or by texting askmorganlibrary + your question to 66746, or the Library Helpdesk at 443-885-3845.
  13. Replacement fees will be assessed if any Video Lounge equipment is damaged beyond repair, including, but not limited to, the monitor, computer, headphones, and chairs. These fees vary depending upon the type of equipment and the extent of the damage.