The CBEIS building on Morgan's campus.

Urban Mobility & Equity Center

Urban Mobility & Equity Center

The Urban Mobility & Equity Center (UMEC) focuses on research to improve urban mobility of people and goods in an environmentally sustainable and equitable manner. Based at Morgan State University, UMEC includes the University of Maryland and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).

UMEC's core and competitively awarded research projects center on three research themes:

  • Transit/paratransit and freight planning and operations to improve mobility, access and cost efficiency;
  • Buyer acceptance, affordability and government promotion of connected and automated vehicles, including social equity considerations during diffusion of technology; or
  • Distribution of transportation costs and benefits, including equity of user fees and taxes that fund infrastructure and services.

We've Completed Our First Research Project

As you know, we are a fairly new research center, but we have just completed the first of many projects, developing an algorithm that will be useful as automated vehicles change transit! Learn more about it.

Electric Vehicle Research Sparks Insights

As you read this month's Guest Blog, you might be surprised to learn how many electric vehicles there are in Maryland and who owns them.