Benefits Waiver Process

If you have comparable health benefits that meets the University requirement, you may waive out of this plan by completing the online waiver application by the given semester deadline. A new waiver must be submitted each academic year. Waiver applications will not be accepted after the deadline. Students who have previously waived out of the Student Health Insurance Plan can re-enroll within the first 31 days of registration.

​For questions about the waiver process, please contact the University Health Center at (443) 885-3236.

What to consider before you waive out of the Student Health Benefits?

​Students who waive agree to accept full financial responsibility for hospital, laboratory, physician, diagnostic testing and other medical costs not covered by their insurance plan.

​The following type of plans will not meet the waiver requirement:

​1. An out-of-state Exchange, Medicaid, or Managed Care Program (i.e. an HMO or PSN) will only be considered if it offers in-network coverage within the Baltimore area.

2. Plans that offer emergency only benefits.

3. The plan has no in-network providers within this area.

4. Plans with limited coverage outside of your home state.

Students with Medicaid who are interested in the student benefits plan may wish to address concerns about cost with their school’s financial aid office.