Meeting Structure

The Morgan MILE meets every first week of the month as outlined by the calendar of events. At the end of the month, students will participate in a field trip and reinforces the theme of the given month.

General Body Meetings. The General body meetings will be a monthly gathering of all Morgan MILE members During each meeting, the MILE participants will learn of all announcements and other opportunities. General Body meetings may feature either a panel discussion, guest speaker, film, or other creative format. These meetings will help build students' communication skills, community, and mutual support.

Excursions. There should be a minimum of four excursions each semester. The off-site excursions are intended to extend the students' learning opportunities outside of the formal classroom setting. Excursion Calendars should reflect the following:

Educational Excursion. The Morgan M.I.L.E. participates in a educationally based excursion.

Exploratory Excursion. The Morgan M.I.L.E. participates in a fun-relaxing excursion.

Executive Excursion. The Morgan M.I.L.E. goes to represent the University during state or federal policy-making event.

Exclusive Excursion. The Morgan M.I.L.E. hosts an excursion that is exclusive to Morgan State University.

Expressive Excursion. The Morgan Mile participates in some form of community service.