Jeanetta Churchill

Assistant Research Scholar
Office Location: 
Montebello Complex Room C-205

Jeanetta E. Churchill is an Assistant Research Scholar at the Institute for Urban Research at Morgan State University. She holds a Masters in Urban Spatial Analytics degree from The University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Science degree in Biometry from the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Hampton University. Ms. Churchill is part of a multidisciplinary team, which conducts independent and collaborative research involving urban issues. Specifically, she uses geographic information systems (GIS), statistics, and survey methods in her research to spatially investigate demographic issues impacting urban populations. Ms. Churchill is adept at conducting program evaluations, including records review, logic model development, focus groups, survey administration, and statistical data analysis.

Ms. Churchill has previously worked as a Statistician at the National Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where she helped manage the Health Indicators Warehouse, which makes over 1,100 demographic and health indicators publicly available via the internet through tables, charts, and maps. In addition, she has served as the Director of the Baltimore City Data Collaborative, where she produced tables and maps with the purpose of monitoring demographic and social indicators for children, youth, and families at the neighborhood level in Baltimore, Maryland. Ms. Churchill's research interests and professional experience include topics involving public health, mental health, K-12 education, and survey methodology.