Clement Anyadike

Research Assistant Professor
Office Location: 
Montebello Room D-212

Dr. Clement N. Anyadike is a Research Assistant Professor in the Institute for Urban Research (IUR). He received a BS from Central State University in Wilberforce Ohio, a Masters of City and Regional Planning and Doctor of Public Health from Morgan State University (May 2013). His doctoral dissertation dealt with exploring depression symptoms and their association with perceived stress and locus of control in a low income urban setting. This dissertation study looked at how race confounds the effect of high stress, low internal locus of control and depression among residents of low income urban neighborhood.

Dr. Anyadike is responsible for program development and coordination of the entire work programs of the Community Development Resource Center in the IUR. He has coordinated the development of numerous community reports (profiles) for more than sixty (60) communities in Baltimore City. These communities include: Coldstream-Homestead-Montebello, Perring Loch, Coppin Heights, Middle East, Pen Lucy, Greater Rosemont, Reservoir Hill and Belair Edison Communities, etc. He also provides training to community development partners on community related issues. In addition, he trains graduate research assistants on data collection and analysis towards the development of community profiles. He is one of the founding board members of the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance.

Dr. Anyadike has received several grants under the Baltimore City Community Development Block Grant program to provide technical assistance and research support to communities in Baltimore and beyond. In addition, he is involved in the planning and implementation of seminars and workshops dealing with community development and re-development issues. Dr. Anyadike assisted the Maryland Office of Public Defender in developing a demographic profile to assess quality of life in Baltimore neighborhoods. He has received numerous recommendations from the Baltimore City Planning Department as well as the Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development for his work with Baltimore Communities. He is a member of the American Public Health Association.