Graduate Programs

Welcome to the Department of Transportation and Urban Infrastructure Studies. The department currently offers an interdisciplinary Master of Science degree program in Transportation with concentrations in traffic engineering, transportation planning, and transportation management and logistics as well as a Ph.D. degree program in Transportation and a Post Baccalaureate Certification Program. Additionally, the Master of Engineering and Doctor of Engineering programs prepare practitioners in the application of advanced engineering principles.

Our program is interdisciplinary because we realized long ago that transportation is not a discreet discipline or the possession of any one discipline, but instead a diversified industry and profession. Morgan State University's Master of Science degree in Transportation has become a model program for other universities. We offer students core and elective courses taught by our faculty as well as the opportunity to take courses in other departments. Also, our program relies on the close collaboration between education and research, providing ample opportunity for students to gain the research and analytical skills that are necessary for the job market today. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.