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The School of Education and Urban Studies (SEUS) works to address varying challenges within education. COVID-19 has exposed inequities within education that SEUS has been attempting to address since its inception in 1879. Morgan State University has sought to address since 1879 when the Trustees of Centenary Bible Institute amended the charter which founded Morgan in 1867, to include in its mission men and women interested in education.

The mission of the School of Education and Urban Studies (SEUS) is to prepare a culturally and ethnically diverse student body to serve, with distinction, in the field of education and urban studies.

Join the conversation! Register for our next Village Schoolhouse Webinar September 10, 2020 at 6:30pm.

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Resource Links for the Community:

Literacy for K-12 Children and Parents:

PBS Kids Read-Alongs features weekly readings by celebrities and PBS KIDS authors.

For parents who can afford it, a solution for fall: Bring
the teachers to them.

Libraries (sign up to access virtual books)

Online resources for helping children to read


Difficult conversations with your child

Resources for adults to learn to read

Social Studies Resources

Schoolhouse Rock

Kid Citizen


Analysis Tool- Form

Math Websites
Khan Academy is a free math resource for students, parents, and teachers. It offers lessons, quizzes, challenges and exercises aligned with math educational standards from kindergarten - college.
FunBrain has math games broken down by grade level from first - eighth.
Math Playground features games, videos and logic challenges for grades 1 - 6.

Science Websites
Farmer's Almanac is filled with cool facts and videos.
Scholastic has info, video, and activities on a wide range of science topics.

Language Arts Websites
Grammar Bytes is filled with fun grammar games, activities and videos.
StoryJumper allows kids to write, illustrate, publish and record audio for their own books.
Amazon Inspire offers teachers and parents a place to gather and share resources, lesson plans, activities, etc.
Free printable sight word worksheets can be colored or turned into fun games.

Social Studies Websites
Ben's Guide to the US Government has fun digital learning adventures.
World Atlas offers interactive maps, clocks, flags and videos.

Music and Art
Masterpiece Society has free art lessons.
New York Philharmonic has a kid zone with concert videos, games, puzzles and instructions for making instruments.

PE and Movement
Strong by Zumba has free 7, 20 and 30-minute videos to squeeze in some movement during a brain break.
Planet Fitness is streaming daily 20-minute workouts that don't require any equipment.

PBS Learning Media

Primary Source Analysis Resource

Science Resources

Maryland Science Center (includes at home, virtual, and under 8 activities)


National Zoo

National Parks

K-12 Digital Divide and COVID19

Closing the K-12 Digital Divide

Technology Counts 2020: Corona Virus, Virtual Learning and Beyond

Remote School Is a Nightmare. Few in Power Care

What Parents Can Do In the Absence of Summer Programs

When Schools Go Online These Kids Are Left Behind

Higher Education and COVID19

College Faces Rising Revolt by Professors

Back to School Give Aways!!

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