Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

The department awards degrees in two majors. Within the Health Education major, there are academic tracks in the areas of  Health Administration, Health Promotion, and Environmental Health, with each leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health.

Within the Physical Education major, there are academic tracks in the areas of Dance Education, Pre-Professional Physical Therapy, Recreation and Parks, Sports Administration,  and Teacher Education. Each track leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education with specialties in the respective areas.


The mission of the Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (HPERD) is fourfold:

 (1) To provide undergraduate students with learning experiences that increase their capacity to achieve and retain a level of optimal health and well-being related to the physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual dimensions of healthful living;

(2) To provide undergraduate students, with a sound foundation in their field of specialization by providing instruction and supervised internship/practicum in Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, such as: Sports Administration, Recreation and Parks Administration, Physical Education (Teacher Education), Dance Education, Health Promotion and Education, Health Administration, Environmental Health Studies, and Pre-Professional Physical Therapy;

 (3) To provide departmental resources and environment that enables the undergraduate students and faculty to enhance their success in their select areas of interest through research and creative activity; and,

(4) To provide service to the academic community-at-large, and the State of Maryland by supporting the mission of Morgan State University as Maryland’s public urban university, specifically for health promotion and physical fitness, as it relates “to improving the quality of life for citizens throughout the Greater Baltimore Community.”

University Requirement in Physical Education
All University undergraduate students are required to complete one (1) prescribed activity course in physical education. Courses are designed to provide knowledge and skills of an activity that meets the interests of the student

Health and Physical Education Proficiency Examinations
Students physically fit and skilled in an area of physical activity, and/or abreast of knowledge and information regarding personal and community health  may opt to take a performance examination to satisfy the University health and/or physical education requirement.