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Darrell, Allen-Milton, Alleman- Women of Color and Work Life Balance in an Urban Environment: What is Reality Ali-Sha Allaman., Sharlene, Linda and Dr. Valu
Urban Social Work Journal Vol. 2, Nov 2018

Wilson and Darrell - Women of Color Who Achieved Doctorates at age 50 - Reflections (Fall 2018)

Davison - Cornbread, Collard Greens, and a Side of Liberation: Black Feminist Leadership and AIDS Advocacy Meridians Vol. 16, No. 2, Speaking for Ourselves: Reclaiming, Redesigning, and Reimagining Research on Black Women's Health (2018), pDOI: 10.2979/meridians.16.2.09

Davison and Allen-Milton and Robert Holmes - "Of Common Bonds: Accounting for Intergenerational Cultural Competency in Community Policing," accepted for publication in the January 2019 Race and Justice Journal Special Issue, Accountability Matters: Addressing Racial Inequity with Results-Based Accountability (RBA)

Sinclair -Co-Editing a book with Natasha Pratt Harris from Sociology Dept- Why Black People Should Train Police

Funded Research
Davison and Wilson - Kaiser funded - Urban Women on the Rise Leadership - 2018-19 cohort initiated - 8 students

Davison - Casey funded - Results Based Accountability Grant submitted for final year - 55K

Darrell - Presenting at NACSW conference in October: Work Life Balance Reality or Rationalization

Davison -Upcoming
October 20, 2018
The Sankofa Recovery Project: Towards Reclaiming 50 Years of Black Social Work History
African American Digital Humanities Conference " Intentionally Digital, Intentionally Black" University of Maryland
McLane-Davison, D. , Oliver, J.T., Carlton-LaNey, I., Hamilton-Mason, J. , Jones, I. , Pauley, L.

CSWE - #ReclaimingMyTime:The National Association of Black Social Workers at 50 ;
Conference on Social Work Education, Orlando, FL
McLane-Davison, D. , Carlton-LaNey, I. , Hamilton-Mason, J. , & Brice-Smith, T.
CSWE - The Bifurcated Social Work Professorate: Exploring the Landscape from a Feminist Perspective
Simmons, Weiss, Schwartz, and McLane-Davison

January 2019
"Emancipatory Research Practices: Womanist Epistemological Research and Storytelling"
The Qualitative Report's 10th Annual Conference (TQR2019), which will be held at Nova Southeastern University on January 16th through 18th, 2019

Davison and Littlefield - NABSW accepted - At The Table: Black Women's Leadership in Nation Building

Davison - Certificate of Completion
June 2018
Humanities Intensive Learning and Teaching Institute " Spaces and Stories in the Black Public Humanities" University of Pennsylvania , Philadelphia.

Teaching - New addiction ASP - was launched, Fall 2018 - Dr. Anthony Estreet is chair and co-wrote the proposal and developed the concentration including Development of ASP Competencies and Behaviors
Addiction ASP - New Course Proposal Submitted (SOWK 682)
8 students have declared the ASP and 1 is scheduled to graduate in Spring 2019

Darrell - Appointment
November 2018
Elected to the Board of Directors of the North American Association of Christians in Social Work