Dr. Laurens Van Sluytman, LCSW

Laurens Van Sluytman
Interim Assistant Dean & Associate Professor
Office Location: 
Historic Jenkins School of Behavioral Sciences, 344

PhD, Graduate School and University Center, CUNY
MSW, Columbia University


PhD, Graduate School and University Center, CUNY
MSW, Columbia University

Curriculum Vitae

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Professional/Research Interests

  • Gender, HIV, Immigration, Public Health and Policy, Sex/Sexuality, Race

Recent Publications

Rhodes, D.J., Robinson, D.L., Archibald, P.C., & Van Sluytman, L.G. (Under review). A decade's tale: Consent decrees and police use of excessive force. Advances in Social Work.

L. G. Van Sluytman, Latkin C., & Smith, L. (under review.) Constructing Taxonomies: Identifying Distinctive Class of HIV Support and Risk Networks among People who use drugs (PWID) and their Network Members in the HPTN 037 randomized controlled trial. AIDS & Behavior.

L. G. Van Sluytman, Torres, D. Coleman, D., McLeod, B. (2018) When they return. Journal of Human Rights and Social Work. doi.org/10.1007/s41134-018-0070-7

L. G. Van Sluytman & Vakalahi, H. (2017). Our Immigrant Fathers: Reflecting on caregiving. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 23(1), 13-26.

L. G. Van Sluytman (2017). Oh Baltimore: Incarceration and Re-entry in Marginalized Communities. Critical Social Work 18(1), 25-45.

L. G. Van Sluytman, Ritz, A., Velazquez, L. (2016, Summer Edition). What about those left Behind? Social Work, Social Justice, Dignity and the LBG, Trans, and Cis Community. Maryland Social Worker, p. 3.

L. G. Van Sluytman, Spikes, P., Nandi, V., Van Tieu, H., Frye, V., Patterson, J., & Koblin, B. (2015). Ties that bind: community attachment and the experience of discrimination among Black men who have sex with men. Culture, Health & Sexuality, 3:1-14.

L. G. Van Sluytman, Torres, D. (2014) Hidden Or Uninvited? A Content Analysis of Elder LGBT Of Color Literature In Gerontology. Journal of Gerontological Social Work. 57(2-4), 130-160.

L. G. Van Sluytman, Braine, N., Acker, C.J., Friedman, S., & Des Jarlais, DC (2013). Migration Narratives: Expanding Methods to Examine the Interaction of Person and Environment among Aging Gay Men. Journal of Gerontological Social Work. 56(3), 219-236

L. G. Van Sluytman & Sheppard, P (2016). Mobilizing From The Margins: Black people, Health and Environmental Justice. In P. Godfrey & D. Torres (Eds.) Emergent Possibilities for Global Sustainability: Intersections of Race, Class and Gender. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group

L. G. Van Sluytman, Torres, D., & Kishore, A. (2015). That is so queer: Building a foundation for working with black Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals and their communities. In R.Wells Wilbon, A. McPhatter & H. Vakalahi (Eds.) Social work practice with African Americans in Urban Environments. New York, NY: Springer.

L. G. Van Sluytman (2014). Multiple Consciousness, Multiple Lives: Reconsidering Research with Black Men who have Sex with Men (MSM). D.W. Russell & C A Russell (Eds) Psychology of Prejudice: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Contemporary Issues. Nova Science Publishers.

L. G. Van Sluytman (2013). Microaggressions. In Encyclopedia of Social Work Online(ESWO). National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and Oxford University Press (OUP).

L. G. Van Sluytman (2013). (Dis)parities and (In)visibility: Shifting The Perception of the Life Course of LGBT Elders of Color, Guest Editor, American Society on Aging (ASA)'s LGBT Aging Issues Network (LAIN) AgeBlog, Winter 2012-2013. Retrieved from http://www.asaging.org/blog/disparities-and-invisibilities-shifting-perception-life-course-lgbt-elders-color

Current Courses

  • SOWK 701