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Mission, Vision, & Values

To fully prepare urban social work leaders who are committed to the alleviation of human suffering, social justice, and the improvement of the quality of life for diverse urban populations.

The Social Work Program at Morgan State University endeavors to become a significant educational and professional labor force resource in the City of Baltimore, Maryland and other urban areas in the state of Maryland and nationally in addressing the human needs of urban individuals, families, organizations, and communities through the preparation of competent urban social workers, social work educators, policy advocates, and social work researchers.

Core Values

  1. We believe in social justice and work to correct the social structures that create and perpetuate oppression.
  2. We embrace advocacy, activism, and innovation through community collaboration to strengthen urban communities.
  3. We value integrity, respect, and ethical behavior with all members of our internal and external community.
  4. We work to create an environment of safety, support, balance, and wholeness through teamwork and consensus building.

Urban Strong-Morgan State University