Shared Bus/Bike Lane Safety Analysis: Assessing Multimodal Access and Conflicts (Collaborative Project)

Project Abstract

Dedicated bus facilities are being installed across the country with many jurisdictions allowing cyclists to use these facilities. Known as shared-bus bike lanes (SBBLs), these facilities are built with two, often opposing, goals in mind: (1) provide a high-speed travel lane for buses and (2) provide a safe travel lane for cyclists. Using video observation and survey data, the aim of this study is to analyze cyclist safety on SBBLs as a function of geometric configuation, bus frequency and level of service. The safety of cyclings on SBBLs will be compared with separated bike facilities with adjacent bus routes.

Universities and Sponsoring Organizations Involved

Morgan State University, University of Maryland, U.S. Department of Transportation Office of the Secretary-Research

Principal Investigator

Dr. Celeste Chavis (MSU),; Dr. Cinzia Cirillo (UMD),

Funding Sources and Amounts

USDOT: $139,023 (federal) MSU: $44,512 (Match), UMD: $25,000 (Match)

Start Date

Sept. 1, 2018

Expected Completion Date

Aug. 31, 2019

Expected Research Outcomes

The objective of this research is to conduct a comprehensive study of SBBLs in Baltimore City that quantifies the efficiency and safety impacts of shared bus-bike lanes. The expected outcomes of this study are:
• What type of unsafe maneuvers commonly occurs along bus-bike facilities?
• How much are buses delayed by cyclists in a shared facility?
• What type of cyclist feels comfortable biking along a shared bus-bike facility?
• How does the cyclist safety in shared bus-bike lanes compare to separated bike facilities with an adjacent bus route?
• How can design, enforcement and education improve safety of shared bus-bike facilities?
• Selection and implementation criteria

Expected Equity

This project fulfills a critical gap in the planning and evaluation of SBBLs in Baltimore City by providing guidelines that balances safety of cyclists with the improved efficiency of bus lanes

Subject Areas

Buses, cyclist, bike lanes, safety