Transit Network Design with MaaS Implementation


Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is an emerging concept, but recently it has been accepted and implemented in many European cities and beyond. This research will improve MaaS by not only considering minor modes in MaaS such as bike sharing, scooter sharing and on demand services but also considering existing transit service by modifying and optimizing its network. This research will help transit agencies with their transit network design and modification once they consider MaaS implementation.

Universities and Sponsoring Organizations Involved

Morgan State University and the U.S. Department of Transportation Office of the Secretary-Research

Principal Investigators

Dr. Young-Jae Lee

Amirreza Nickkar

Funding Sources and Amounts

USDOT: $50,000, match: $58,050

Start Date

June 1 2021

Expected Completion Date

May 31, 2022

Expected Research Outcomes

This research will develop mathematical modeling for the optimal transit network with MaaaS implmentation.

Expected Equity Impacts and Benefits of Implementation

Transit and MaaS can help underserved people who cannot afford personal vehicles, and improving public transportation can improve their viability and mobility for economic activities.

Subject Areas

Public transportation, micro transportation, on demand service, Mobility as a Service