Education Initiatives

UMEC's partner universities have developed innovative programs that generate interest in the field of transportation and facilitate the easy exchange of information. Programs include:

Internship Programs

• The Teacher Transportation Institute at Morgan State University.
This continuing education program for middle and high school educators illustrates how hands-on, transportation-related projects can complement and apply STEM concepts.

School Days at Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI)
This program demonstrates VTTI's research and technology to primary and secondary school students on field trips.

• The Summer Transportation Institute at Morgan State University
This four-week summer program introduces high school students to careers in transportation while providing them an opportunity to participate in academic and practical experiences related to transportation in the Baltimore-Washington area.

The Middle School Summer Transportation Initiative at Morgan State University, which introduces middle school students to the field of and opportunities in transportation.

CITE: Consortium for ITS Training and Education at the University of Maryland
CITE is an integrated advanced transportation training and education program open to anyone pursuing a career in advanced transportation and includes graduate- and undergraduate-level courses as well as skill-based training and technology transfer.

MD T2 Center: Maryland Transportation Technology Transfer Center at the University of Maryland
The Center works with the Maryland State Highway Administration and the Federal Highway Administration to meet the training and technology assistance needs of agencies involved in transportation.