MDOT-Morgan State University Graduate School Internship

The Maryland Department of Transportation-Morgan State University Graduate School Internship is designed to give graduate students meaningful and practical experience in a transportation agency.

The year-long, paid internship is open to students pursuing post-graduate degrees in engineering, transportation, landscape architecture, finance, and information technology. Interns work part-time during the school year and full-time during the summer.

Placement opportunities are available at

  • the Maryland Aviation Administration
  • Maryland Port Administration
  • Maryland Transit Administration
  • Motor Vehicle Administration
  • State Highway Administration
  • Maryland Transportation Authority
  • the secretary's office at MDOT Headquarters

Interns function as junior-level analysts or planners under the direct supervision of a senior staff member.

To Apply

The 2018 applications are now available. If you cannot download this form, applications are available in CBEIS 327. The deadline for 2018 applications is April 6.

  • a completed MDOT application
  • a letter of application citing their major, area of specialization, and the name of the MDOT administration for which they are most interested in working
  • a resume (please include current email address)
  • an official transcript
  • two letters of recommendation
  • an essay (300 words or less) on the following topic:  How an internship at the Maryland Department of Transportation will be beneficial to my career

Contact Alice Williams at 443-885-3348 or Sonia McDonald at 443-885-3666 for questions or application materials.