Research Centers

Cybersecurity Assurance & Policy (CAP) Center
(Dr. Kevin Kornegay, Director)
Morgan State University expands upon our emergence in cybersecurity assurance and policy research along with government agency, industry, and DoD partnerships to announce the formation of the internet-of-things (IoT), artificial intelligence/machine learning, privacy and security policy cohort. This is a collaboration between the Schools of Business & Management, Computer, Mathematical & Natural Sciences, and Engineering to enhance our leadership in this area. A total of eight faculty members who reside in their respective home departments, will support Morgan State University's leadership in cybersecurity assurance and policy research.

The mission of the CAP center is to provide the electronics industry and intelligence community with knowledge, methodology, solutions, and skilled cybersecurity engineers to help prevent penetration and manipulation of our nation's cyber physical infrastructures. We apply invasive and noninvasive hardware and software reverse engineering techniques to assess physical layer cybersecurity vulnerabilities in embedded systems, specifically IoT devices. We also develop countermeasures to secure them against sensitive data extraction, disruption, diversion, and obfuscation.

CAP Center Research Featured Article on NSA Website

NSA Engages With Academia to Address Vehicle Cyber Vulnerabilities

The NSA said its Research Directorate's vehicle systems software analysis team partnered with Morgan State University‘s Cybersecurity Assurance and Policy Center to broaden the adoption of the government-made Ghidra cybersecurity tool. Click here to read more.

National Transportation Center
(Dr. Mansoureh Jeihani, Interim Director)
The National Transportation Center (NTC) at Morgan State University advances U.S. technology and expertise in transportation, research, and technology transfer on the university level.

The NTC's theme is "Transportation: A Key to Human and Economic Development." The NTC's current areas of research focus are transportation and traffic modeling, safety, economics and equity, transportation funding, and infrastructure's effect on aquatic life. The center also aims to increase the number of minorities and women in transportation.

The NTC's projects not only solve urban transportation problems, but also give students the opportunity to put classroom concepts into action. The projects have also led to partnerships with other universities and government organizations. The NTC continuously accepts research proposals for basic and applied research from Morgan faculty and staff. See the NTC's policy and procedures for more information. The NTC also works closely with the Urban Mobility & Equity Center (UMEC), based at Morgan and federally funded through the U.S. DOT's University Transportation Centers Program.