SABA Center

Safety and Behavioral Analysis (SABA) Center includes two driving simulators from FORUM8 Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan; which are connected to each other. The hardware consists of the cockpit, three surrounding monitors, ignition key, safety seat belt, automatic transmission, acceleration and brake pedals, push buttons, flash lights, and steering wheel. One of the DSs contains a motion platform. The software, UC-win/Road made by Forum 8 Co. is capable of creating and editing the entire network elements including road alignments, intersection design, traffic signals, cross sections, roadside signs, terrain setup, and traffic generation. It allows researchers to investigate driver behavior under various controlled conditions. The simulator is capable of replicating driving task on different roadway and pavement types, under various traffic conditions and composition, traffic information (e.g. dynamic message signs), and weather conditions (rain, fog, snow). It is capable of building networks with desired features similar to the real world.

  Simcraft Simulator with Motion Platform